"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne

Active Imagination Zone
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Our Active Imagination Zone is a popular area that inspires young artists by featuring hands-on art activities. Our non-profit partners create the art activity and then roll up their sleeves and help our little artists make masterpieces they can take home.

We are grateful for the support that our non-profit partners provide us. They help us further our mission and they enrich our community.

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Active Imagination Zone Activities
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Artists for Artists

- The Little Art Experience

  • Children will create their own tiny canvases (2”x2”), using colored markers, various stickers, fabric, and glue. These miniature artworks will mimic the organization's new, charitable program, Little Galleries​

  • Be sure to look out for 5 Little Galleries featuring local Houston Artist's artwork throughout our Active Imagination Zone. Maybe your little artist will have their own gallery featured at our festival one day!

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Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Ceramic Spanish Tiles

  • Decorate a tile in the Spanish style, using colored pencils and a clear gloss medium. Children will have the option to pick an animal stencil to trace onto their tiles.​ Or create their own animal!

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- Screen Printing & Artist Trading Cards

  • Danny Russo introduces participants to a versatile printing process utilized by visual artists worldwide. This workshop can also reveal to students how math, science, and history are an integral part of the screen printing process – which is actually centuries old!

  • Make your own ATCs, miniature trading cards, are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect them at events, either in person or online.  Each work of art is unique, signed by the artist, and the size of sports trading cards.  Make your own ATC and trade it for one already made and on display in our tent.

Give Us Paws

- Pet Bandana / Kitten Toys

  • Participants will be welcomed to create bandanas for their own pet or donate their creations to Give Us Paws. Each artist will be given fabric markers to draw and decorate onto their bandanas.

  • You are invited to make a kitten toy using pieces of fabric and a shower curtain ring. Afterwards, you can take the toy home to your pet or donate it to your local pet shelter.

Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

- Mini Art Cars

  • The activity is a mini-art car building workshop. Each child will get a toy box car and all the embellishments and accessories they need to create their very own miniature art car.

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New Springs - Aluminum Butterflies

  • Keep an eye out for these colorful aluminum butterflies! These butterflies benefit the New Springs Visual Arts Program. This program provides free art classes to underserved students!

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Bonnie Blue - Caricature Artist

  • Folk artist, Art Car Artist, Portrait Artist; Bonnie Blue has done it all. She has made her career as a successful, fun, exotic, funky, one-of-a-kind artist. 95% of all the art materials she uses in her works are recycled.

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Uncle Jumbo - Musical Artist

  • Children’s songs & dance alongs focused on: Joy • Connection • Kindness • Wellness. The energetic and interactive performances will bring you a positive lift, feeling the Jumbo Love!

Jenner Lang - Giant Bubbles

  • Jennifer Lang is a multifaceted artist in Houston, TX whose life and art revolve around the mantra to keep playing.

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Downtown 2021 Nonprofit Partners

Over the past 49 years, Art Colony Association, Inc., producer of the Bayou City Art Festival, has raised over 3.6 million dollars in support of local nonprofit organizations.

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Thank you, Fresh Arts, for your continued support and providing another year of Artist Relief to our incredibly talented artists.