VIP Parking

On-site public parking is not available at the festival.  Free shuttles are provided from the downtown theatre district and Northwest Mall to and from the Memorial Park Festival site.

There are a limited number of VIP Parking passes available at $45 each per day at the Memorial Park Festival site.  VIP Parking will allow you to enter North Picnic Lane in Memorial Park and park closer to the gate.  This service is provided mostly for our art buying patrons to allow them easy access to load art into their vehicles.  Colonista members may also purchase the VIP passes on a first come, first served basis, and the number of spaces is extremely limited.  We encourage all of our guests to use the free shuttles provided from our two easy park and ride locations. Patron art pick-up is conveniently located at gate 2 to drive through and pick up heavier/larger art pieces.

Details for the on-site Parking ticket: